Pre-Order CCNP Security Books *Amazon*

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    Wow, those are some pretty expensive books. Looking forward to it! (well not the price)
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    Looks good. I might wait to the self study guides come out.
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    It'd be nice if the books came out before or at the same time the tests did. I have recently had an itch to complete some new Cisco certs but really don't want to wait four more months to get some rags to read.
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    What kind of lab do you need in order to complete the CCNP Security?
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    What kind of lab do you need in order to complete the CCNP Security?

    Pretty much an IE level lab topology. I'd rack rent. If you want to be able to do everything including security contexts on the ASA's and active/active failover you'll need nothing short of ASA5510's with Sec Plus licenses. They run about $2k a piece. If you're hellbent on a lab I just use INE's Security IE rack rental topology for a primer.
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