passed on friday, FINALLY!!

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after tanking ICND twice, I passed on friday. I took the two test approach. INTRO was pretty easy and passed on my first try. ICND was a different beast, but all done now. It feels good, until I pick up the BSCI book. Like others around here I freaked out and froze-up on my previous tests. This one was different. I totally felt like I had tons of time, never rushed at all. The one sim I actually had to do twice. I deleted the whole list on accident and did a "sh run" and nothing showed up. So, even having to complete that a second time, I had plenty of time. I only passed my 4 points, but I guess a pass is a pass.

I used Todd Lammle's CCNA book, Exam Cram (don't waste you time/money here), Cisco Press CCNA Flash cards (pretty good cram sheets), Cisco Press/Boson CCNA Network Simulator and Self Test Software Practice Test (CCNA)

The last item was the kicker for me. If you want a test simulator that has the look and feel of the real test(s), look at Self Test. The scoring is even broken down just like the real test, so you can hit any specific area for problems.s

Well, that's my two cents worth.
Thanks for the help, -cg


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    Congratulations! Job well done
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    Congrats! Well done.

    BTW. I am a big fan of the ExamCram books, but the CCNA one had way to much to cover in the small format, and was not as good as the others. (I have used them for Net+, Sec+, CCNA, and my current MCSE studies.)
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  • Congrats! And thanks for the compliment - we appreciate it! :)
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    great job dude

    icon_redface.gif icon_redface.gif i failed it today
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    mubasherx wrote:
    great job dude

    icon_redface.gif icon_redface.gif i failed it today

    Don't sweat it, mubasherx. I failed on my first attempt, but studied hard on the areas I didn't do well on, and passed it two weeks later. Getting my CCNA was something that I really wanted, so I was determined to pass no matter what. If getting your CCNA is as important to you, you should be as determined to get it.

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