Security+ Guide to Network Security Fundamentals

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Security+ Guide to Network Security Fundamentals
by Mark Edmead (Author), Paul Campbell (Author), Steven Boswell (Author)
ISBN: 0619120177

Does anybody know where I can find this book? Preferably a Canadian site.
Chapters doesnt have it, doesnt have it available, Archambault has it on backorder.




  • Ricka182Ricka182 Member Posts: 3,359
    All I could find.......
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  • GawdGawd Member Posts: 132
    Useless, Your Fired.
    Nah, But seriously, seems like maybe this book was discontinued or something, Probally a shitty book. Screw what the school wants me to use for the course, I think ill just get a sybex book.

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    Nope, not one I have heard of either icon_confused.gif
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    Here you go,

    It's from Thomson Course Technology. Years ago they were International Correspondence School, now they're.......uhhh.....only God knows what all they're involved in education-wise. These books are generally published for class study or for their own correspondence courses.
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    I've actually heard very few good things about the sybex book on this one. It's shocking, because traditionally people loved them. Just a fluke perhaps?
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