What difference between CCNA sec and Security +

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What is security+
Actually I am preparing for CCNA security
What difference between CCNA sec and Security +


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    CCNA: Security is more focuses on Cisco equipment.. Port Security, IOS Firewalls, secure management, with the configurations to back it up.

    Like any Cisco test you will answer questions and be expected to go through simulations.

    The Security+ is a pretty broad covering of security topics (more theory then configurations) covering encryptions types/strength, virus, as well as topics covering social engineering and physical security.

    Depends what your goal is. If you want to get your feet wet with security then do the security+ if you are already very familiar with Cisco and you have setup SSH management, VPN's, port security, CBAC/ZBF firewall, IPS in the past, then do CCNA: Security.

    CCNA is a pre-req for the CCNA: Sec - it doesn't stop you from taking the test but you won't get the cert till you get your CCNA. Security+ has no pre-reqs

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    Sec+ is basically explaining the overall Security concepts like IDS, Firewall and other security features and how to improve it overall

    Where as CCNA : S is mainly to do with Cisco IOS having said this i was told by many CCNA: S certified people / posts that it also overlaps the Sec+ a bit ..Guess i am right ...
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    I don't know much about the CCNA:Security exam, but Security+ is vendor neutral and is thus a high level overview to the world of security. I expect that the CCNA:S would be more hands on and you would be implementing the things discussed with the Security+.
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