Need some advice. Preparing for MCITP

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Hi all,

Just want to ask a brilliant idea/advices about my plans in getting an MCITP: Server Administrator certification. I am an IT Professional for 4 years with CISCO Certification and want to add another certification with Microsoft.

I’m just wondering what would be my first move in getting the said certification. Do I need to study first the Windows 2003 server in order for me to get familiarized and prepared for Windows 2008 server? or I can just go and study 2008 server directly without the knowledge in 2003? What is the best method that you can advice to me? By the way, I do have a knowledge and practical hands-on regarding windows OS when it comes to Installations/setup, and I know that it is nothing to do with my question…

Any advices will be highly appreciated.. Thanks!


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    I'm not qualified in 2003 at all but still studying towards an MCITP. I don't think it's necessary to be qualified in 2003 though probably good to at least be exposed to it. The server administrator course is introductory anyway. 2008 is considered to have a different skillset than 2003 as stated by MS.

    So yeah wouldnt worry about it.
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    You don't need 2003 experience in order to pass 2008 exams you need 2008 experience to pass 2008 exams and I mean real life experience or labbing.

    If you have experience with AD go with this order


    If not you can take the order you like. My advice is to get more than one resource for studying (I use MS and Sybex books)
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