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Is it just me that feel this study guide is so hard to read? Tcat uses so many tech terms and I guess he just assumed that you know them all. I find this PDF so hard and confusing to read and understand. Maybe I don't have enough experience in security field, but still.........

Can you guys please express thought on this study guide, or maybe recommend another one that is easier to read. Thanks


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    I thought it was extremely easy to read and follow. That's one reason it's better than the rest.
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    it sucks but it's better than the others.

    i find the best way to study is study the summary first and memorize it.

    work on the detail later.
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    Ahhh, I think if you compare Tcats work to many of the other Sec+ publications you will actually find that it is easier to understand.
    Tcat is very good at writing technical stuff for people who have problems learning - perhaps not always ideal for everybody, but I believe a very good concept.
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    I would personally advise Tcat to anyone who wants a introduction to Security +. Its a very simple and basic insight into this certfication. I would recommend reading many books and then you won't count on one book alone to cover the vastness and range of the Security + cert.

    Basically I think Tcat is one of the best around and is pretty straightforward to follow and runs along the objectives of the exam very well. :D
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