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after nearly 6 months of from study in ernest (new job, and baby) i was looking through emails a few weeks back and relised the voucher cisco had given me for a switch retake expired 17th march (today)!! so i thought what the hell might as well use it and booked the exam. two weeks of sporadic study and was not to confident as i walked in to the exam. but 1hr and 50 min later and with a score of 869 i am a happy man!!! i did notice a lot of clean up in the exam, much better that the first time aroung!!! less typoes and clearer questions. now on to route. :)
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    Congrats Dude!!!
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    good job
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    Epic! Well done, making good use of that voucher!
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    DevilWAH wrote: »
    i am a happy man!!!
    Congratulations!! icon_cheers.gif
    DevilWAH wrote: »
    i did notice a lot of clean up in the exam, much better that the first time aroung!!! less typoes and clearer questions
    Good to know. That will make a lot of people preparing for and dreading the SWITCH exam feel better. icon_cheers.gif
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    Congrats on sticking with it and passing. I knew you could do it.
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    CHEERS and Congratz!!!
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    Congrats!! Between yours and NG2F's posts about the exam way back, you guys had me scared of this test. Glad you put it away!
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    I remember your posts from a while back and the frustration you experienced when you failed. I'm glad you found that voucher and put this one to bed. Congrats again and that's great to hear about the exam format!
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