Anyone taken or studied for the Project/Project Server exams?

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Just curious if anyone has attempted the Project 2007 MCITP series of exams, specifically the 70-632, 633 and 634 exams? If so, how did they stack up to other MS exams (without breaking the NDA of course)?

I'm thinking about going this route and am wondering what some good resources would be. I see good reviews on the MS Press kit for the 632, but not a whole lot else out there geared for the other exams.

Additionally, any opinions on going the server test first? I have more experience in the project server environment than MS Project itself.

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  • fender80fender80 Registered Users Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Maybe I'll take these just to differentiate myself then! icon_cool.gif
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    I was actually just looking for information on these exams myself.

    What's odd is that I can't seem to find anything under the Search function when I search for an exam number. Anyone else have that issue?

    In any case, add me to the list of interested people. heh heh.
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    Fender 80, Have you taken the project exam since this post, or did you move on to something else?
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