Failed! 20-272

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Second time I've failed this test. I dont work in IT yet ( and dont use MS office much at all ) but Im gonna take this test again in about 3 weeks. I missed it with a score of 624. Man 271 was much easier for me! I'm using ms press books and trancsender. Any suggestions guy's?


  • steve13adsteve13ad Posts: 398Member
    Use your scoring guide and concentrate on your weak areas. Keep reviewing and you'll get it.
  • Cisco InfernoCisco Inferno Posts: 1,034Member ■■■■■■□□□□
    what difficulties did you encounter?
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    Sorry you didn't pass icon_sad.gif

    Good luck on your next attempt!! icon_thumright.gif
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    What are you using to study with?
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    Getting a second study guide would help, maybe one from Sybex. Also, don't do the tests from Transcenders again and again. All you do is memorise the questions thereby getting a better and better score each time and a false sense of security.

    Get an XP system set up in a virtual machine (if you don't have XP) and get some hands on practice too.
  • Cisco InfernoCisco Inferno Posts: 1,034Member ■■■■■■□□□□
    click the link in my tab for ms's free labs.(open with I.E)
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    Thank's for the suggestion's guy's. I think there were just to many question's that i had no clue how to answer. But I do know what I need to study. IE and ms office are areas i need to brush up on. I do remember from memory somethings i need to just google because I know it just wasnt in the book's or practice test.
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