Countdown to Extinction... ahem I mean SWITCH

PsychoFinPsychoFin Member Posts: 280
Hey there fellow Ciscoholics!

I took and failed SWITCH in July last year, and it left me so pissed off that I took TSHOOT a while later and passed it with flying colors. And about two weeks ago I took and passed ROUTE as well, so now it's time for revenge!

I've got SWITCH scheduled for Friday next week and I feel pretty prepared to be honest. I've read most of the Foundation Learning Guide and used Microsoft OneNote (it's awesome!) to take notes while watching the CBT Nuggets SWITCH series.

When I last took the exam it was riddled with typos and other weird things, which I hope will be fixed this time around!

The one thing that I am missing a bit is on the labbing side of things. I might consider renting some online rack-time for a few hours, but all those providers out there just provide ccie racks which are very expensive per session.I don't really need much hands-on, just some etherchannel and a bit of vlan goodness.

I am considering taking a practice test or two and then go over the nuggets (or INE) videos for the topics that I sucked at.

I'll keep this thread updated with my progress as far as studies go.



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