Am I ready?

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I studied hard for A+ core/OS two years ago. Could have passed but didn't have the cash to take it. Well, I've since taken and passed iNet+, Server+, Network+. Before really studying I took the practice test here for A+ core and got 35/50. I took note of what I missed (mostly memorization things, like irq's) studied it. I also studied the tech notes here. I've read about 35% of Mike Meyers A+ book v.4, but it was the stuff I didn't think I understood well, like MB, RAM, and Expansion bus. I took a Mike Meyer Comptia A+ core practice test and got a 95%. I'm going to study the areas I think I lack in today, and take the test tomorrow around 2pm. This gives me sometime in the morning to study.

Should I go for it?


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    since you already have iNet+, Server+, Network+, A+ shouldn't be a problem... Go take the exam! icon_wink.gif
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    Sounds like you have a plan!
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