3rd times a charm

dandanearldandanearl Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
after passing A+ and Network+ with no problem I set my sights on Security+. I read tcat's and preplogic, did the practice questions and failed with a 716! So, I reveiwed the practice questions and skimmed the books for two days and failed again with a 716. Two months, $675(my company paid, thank god) later and actually understanding the basics of security now I passed with an 852. Some of the comptia questions are just way to ambiguous! I also talked my company into buying exam simulators for me, preplogic, BFQ, and boson. They were all very good, but way more in depth than what is needed for the test.
I work in a unix(hp-ux) invironment as a hardware tech so I am starting to study for Linux+ and server+.
Anyways thanks for your help and I will see ya on the other forums!


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