Passed Core today

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Score was 605. Test was not even close to any of the practice tests I used, and I used many. My study material was "A+ Complete" which is a good reference, but poor for test preparation. I also used "The 80/20 Guide", which was more oriented to just a review of objectives and was slightly test oriented. Finally I used the "A+ Exam study guide" which was better in both areas but still not good prep for the test. Many questions on the test were not only of little practical use, but were not covered except maybe in a sentence or two in any of the books I used. Who knows, maybe they were the questions which are not graded. In any case, I passed, but thought the test score didn't reflect my knowledge of the test objectives. My advice to others is that even knowing the theory, this test can trip you up on. Study every line of whatever books you are using, many questions will be that poorly represented. On to O/S.


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    Congratulations on the pass!
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    I agree with the whole "question" thing I am going to be going for my 3rd time to take my hardware exam yes 3rd time. There were questions on my first 2 tests that I have not even reviewed in any of my three studying materials. I was really shocked that they asked my about IPV6 I understand that the word has been out about it but haven't heard of anyone converting yet and am just pissed that they would ask a question like that on a test where there were no valid A+ study material on it. If you or anyone has found any study guides or books that list the new ipv6 please let me know it may have so more up to date questions and aswwers in there as I DO NOT want to take this exm a 4th time. :)
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    i remain, he who remains to be....
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    Congrats! 1/2 way there! icon_smile.gif

    Personally, I found A+ OS more difficult than the hw exam... if you're able to, pick up a cheap PC and install the different OS's so you get a feel for them.

    Good Luck :D
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    congrats....and good luck on the next one...

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    congrats on the pass mate :D
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    congratz & good luck
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