Doing CISSP Exam in 2 weeks

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I will be doing the cissp exam in 2 weeks time and have been heavily revising for the last six months. This will be the second time i'm taking this exam.
My study materials are:
Shon Harris AIO 5th Edition- Read twice materials- Scoring almost 90%
Preplogic Material- scoring 90%
StudiScope- 300 Questions- Scoring 90%.
freepracticetests cccure quizzer - 85%

As this is my 2nd exam, i'm feeling very nervous should I fail again. Can anyone please suggest any other material or tips which will boost my confidence?



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    I have not taken the exam, but something that has always helped me was the identify weaknesses from previous or related exams to make sure I am an expert of it by the time take the next one.

    Also, how do you like the PrepLogic test material? How does it compare to the actual exam?
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    Did you know which particular domain you are week?
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    Aside from the Shon Harris AIO book and practice exam book, I used CCCure and an ExamCram book.

    Your scores are higher than what I was consistently getting on most practice exams. I'd venture to say you might be in better shape than you think.

    May I ask what you've done differently, if anything, in your second attempt on the test?
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    smiah wrote: »

    As this is my 2nd exam, i'm feeling very nervous should I fail again. Can anyone please suggest any other material or tips which will boost my confidence?

    You have enough time so use it. This test is about attention to details. Read the questions fully. Don't rush, ensure you understand what is asked. Identify if the question is about Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability (CIA). The answer must match.

    Step 1. Read the question fully.
    Step 2. Identify CIA.
    Step 3. Review each answer, eliminate obviously wrong.
    Step 4. Identify CIA of remaining questions.
    Step 5. Select answer from remaining matching.

    Practice this on the practice tests. Not sure it will be 100% on the practice tests, but it usually is on the actual exam. I don't ever recall it being different.

    If you can't get it without extended focus(more than 2-3 minutes), mark it and come back at the end and try again. Review your answer sheet ensuring all questions have an answer. If you use mnemonic devices, practice writing them out from memory, then when you start the test write them out quickly on your scrap paper before tackling your questions. you can refresh just before entering.

    Get a good nights rest, stop cramming by 5PM the night before go watch a movie and let your mind rest. Take some tylenol/motrin with you into the test in case you develop a headache. Take gum, it can help relieve tension during testing. Remember this is a Management cert, not a technical cert. It is a mile wide, but an inch deep. Answer from the perspective of a security "manager", not a technician/admin.

    Good Luck,

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    Experience. The best practice questions I found were at, but even those did not prepare me for what the test offered.

    As you have seen the test before, you know how the questions are, so you have experience with the test.

    As a previous poster said, identify what the question is asking, and choose the appropriate answer, based upon what the question is asking.

    That's about the best tip that can be given at this point.

    If you've been studying for so long, you should be just fine. I think that a perfect cert to study for before the CISSP would be the Security+, but that's just my perspective, based on my own experience with those two this past spring. It's not too in-depth, but it covers a lot of things, and is simpler.

    Then again, I've been doing this since back in 2000 with the U.S. Army, so that may slant my perspective.
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