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Hello everyone. I am new to Techexams and I have been working in the computer repair field for 4 years. I believe it time for a change and get into a networking or server admin career. I have an A+ certification, have completed the Cisco CCNA Academy 3 years ago, and currently a field technician. I would like to know what are the best MS certs i should attempt to get in the field

My goal is to become a Server/Enterprise Administrator, but I know i need experience first. Is MCITP Enterprise Desktop Admin a good idea? I have CBT nuggets, microsoft self paced training kit, and cbt nuggets. I am planning on using all 3 sources to learn the material and pass the test. I am looking towards reading a chapter, watching the CBT nuggets video, and then using testout for notes, practice tests, and lab sim.

Please let me know what your think and any recommendations.


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    This exam is very heavy on actual knowledge of the operating system and deployment environments. I've learned a lot by creating VMWare sessions and applying everything I've learned from the MS Press book and tweaking things a bit to see what other parameters and options are taking me. 70-680 is no joke, so make sure you're prepared.
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    I would start with the 680 or 685 exams, then move onto the 686. You definitely need a lab for these exams, I am using Virtual Box for this. You are expected to have some server knowledge / experience for the 680 exam.
    If you use the MS press 680 book, make sure to get the errata threads and make the corrections....will save you hours of aggravation icon_wink.gif I used Darril's book for the 685 exam and for the 686 I'll get around to taking some day. The MS press 685 and 686 books are pretty good.
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    Thanks for your posts! Yes I will be putting in a lot of lab time. Which books do you recommend for the 70-680 as a novice which include labs? I have read about the tons of error with the book. Thanks for bringing that up. I do not have experience or knowledge with Windows Server. Will it be a bad idea for me to start off with the 70-680 or 70-685?
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    MCTS 70-680 Cert Guide: Microsoft Windows 7, Configuring

    I think the consensus here is to study for them both at the same time because the material compliments each other very well. Like other have already said, Server OS experience is needed, thus some kind of lab setup if you don't already have it.

    I am using the above book along with the Darril Gibson 685/686 book.
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    Yes I do have lab equipment and will be using VMWare. Does that book include lab scenarios?
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    Most of the books will have some lab exercises in them. I would do those. You can also download the exam objectives and make up your own labs based on those. The more labbing you do, the better off you'll be. Labbing will help you visualize the exam questions from a hands-on point.
    I have some hands-on labs for the 680. PM me your email and I'll get them to you.
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    For labbing, I found this manual helpful: Amazon.com: 70-680: Windows 7 Configuration, Lab Manual (Microsoft Official Academic Course Series) (9780470875100): Microsoft Official Academic Course: Books

    It's official coursework with some good lab activities (provided you have the vm's to run them) and you can buy it used for like 7 bucks. Definitely a good book for the price. Good luck with the prep.
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    Thanks Excellent. I will be purchasing this now! I have like 12 dollars left over on an Amazon gift card which covers price and shipping :D
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