Should I keep taking CCNA classes?

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I have a question about the value of a CCNA certification, I have taken the first half of the CCNA academy classes and am trying to decided weather it is worth my time to continue. Would a CCNA really be useful for a twenty year old with very little experience? I have some experience, I had an internship in high school where I helped to install labs around the campus and I have been working with computers my entire life but I don’t have any real solid work experience. Would it be possible for me to get a PAYING gob if I got my CCNA, I simply can not afford to work for no pay at this point in my life, neither can I afford to take classes that are not going to help me. Please I would love your opinion.

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    stick with the academy! and you should go for the ccna too.

    true, you may be lacking experience, but having the cert will be good enough to open doors somewhere. i promise.

    employers also like staff who are willing to learn and improve - if you got an interview tomorrow and you told them that you were quitting the academy and not going to bother with ccna, they wouldn't shortlist you ;)
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