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Finally got past the 647 today, scraped past with a 718. By a long shot, the hardest test I have taken thus far. The sheer breadth of topics can be quite overwhelming and to cram all that knowledge is quite an achievement in its own right.

I am not embarrassed to admit that this was my 4th attempt at this beast of a test. The first time I went in I really wanted to see what the exam was like, not ideal I know, but I went in to test the waters. Got a dismal score, not worth telling you guys about. Second shot, bettered my score by over a 100 points. Third time I went in, 2 weeks ago, I was confident I'd pass by got hammered by a load of virtualisation questions, came up short, got a 638. This time I went and got hit by the same usual topics, App-V/RDS/Hyper-v/GPO/RMS. But I was prepared for them, I labbed RDS, Hyper-v and GPO's as much as I could.

This test resembles a virtualisation test more than it does a server test. At one point I thought that MS are intent on failing people by making the test artificially hard. Some questions were so open-ended, as in all 4 answer choices could be right, I swear they could be. I didnt leave a comment, though I should have. I cant discuss the questions here, but I am sure you'd be like WTF?, all 4 are possible. Totally stumped by those questions, in those questions I just went with the most secure option, just makes sense I guess.

When I get home, I'll post a few links to topics such as App-v/Med-v/RDS that really helped in the days leading upto today.

And yeah, it's beer o' clock!!! :Dicon_thumright.gif
NSX, NSX, more NSX..

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