GNS3 or Packet Tracer

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First off, thanks for all the advice on the previous thread

I was wondering what are you opinions regarding which is better between these two simulators for the test?


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    in my opinion, GNS3 is better than PT since it is an emulator, not a simulator like PT. It runs on actual IOS images,'s kinda the real hardware, only w/o having to plug/unplug cables from it, and w/o the extra heat and noise in the room.
    GNS3 does not emulate switches tho, so PT may be better in this category.

    But still everything that is emulate is better than simulated, that's my opinion at least :)
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    I suggest you learn to use both. PT is more like the simulations in the exams. GNS3 doesnt do switching but it allows you to do a lot more commands than PT. Both compliment each other very well and it should only take couple of days to learn to use them both.
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    for ccna

    packet tracer is enough

    but if u want to see how real ios looks

    then only go for gns3

    u require good computer with ram and processor for gns3 as it consums more space
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    If you can somehow get ahold of IOS then I'd say go with GNS. You will be disappointed by the lack of frame-relay in PT. There is the FR-cloud but really... Also a few other commands aren't implemented in PT like for authentication with eigrp, there is no key chain command. PT could be sufficient but if you can, go with GNS3
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    In my case i will to use both of it!

    PK is advantage than GNS3 because you figure-out how packet can travel even GNS3 is not.
    But GNS3 can work in real IOS even the PK is basic only that's why i will to use both of it. :)
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