Would I benefit from an MCSA?

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Im about to complete my 3rd month as a DST for a small stock brokerage firm. I also do light server admin work as well in Server 2003. We also dont really see a win7/2008 deployment any time soon.

I figured that I would gain a bunch of knowledge that would apply to work, and future window 7 exams. I also learned alot about permissions, group policy etc from my MCDST.

So far all I need is the 290, 291, as well as a client exam. I am thinking of doing the 680 last as it would help with an mcsa and mcitp certs.

Another reason I wish to pursue MCSA is because its so widely recognized. Even someone off the street knows what an MCSA/MCSE is. heck, my dad even knew when i was 16. Im 22 now.
I feel that future HR would also know im well versed in 2003.

So some questions would be, Should I do it? even if its aging, its 4 widely known letters on my resume. (i hope this doesnt turn into a 03 vs 08 fight)

also, how hard would the 290 and 291 compare to other tests' difficulty.
what materials should I get as well?

Thank you.

ps. would server 03 knowledge help taking the 680??
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