Is this reasonable?

So I've taken the first step and have the A+, which wasn't really hard at all. Now I'm pondering the next step, which has got me thinking MCITP. I say MCITP because it's going to be at least another year/year and a half before I get out of school, so by then MCSE might not be worth so much. I have Virtual Box and have access to a legit copy of Server 2008 through Dream Spark, so labbing stuff will be cake.

So this is my plan, to be done by February '12:
  • Win 7 Enterprise Desktop Admin
  • Enterprise Admin
That timeline gives me 8 months to get them done with what should be plenty of time to study. So long as I keep focused, even with school I usually have time to study, and with basically two months left before school starts up again, I have a LOT of time if I keep focused.

From there, I might knock out Security+ and Network+, and will do CCNA after I get out of school since I can (and plan to) take Cisco based classes as part of my concentrations (Network Admin and Routing and Switching).

Is this a good start?
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