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I have a phone interview on Friday with a manger. Its going to be a technical interview. What type of questions should i expect. Really need this job, Im 0-3 with interviews so far. sighhhhhh Thanks ahead.

this is some of the description:

• This is an entry level position requiring 1 to 2 years Help Desk Experience in a similar position, we will consider recent college graduate in IT with intern experience.
• Hands on experience with MS Office Applications, IE and Outlook
• Knowledge of and experience with Windows XP Operating System, Citrix, Wyse terminals
• Perform routine and basic preventative maintenance on Windows desktops and laptops. Install critical patches, virus updates, VPN clients and other software as needed.
• Maintain the tape/disk library and ensures the accurate recording of both onsite and offsite media libraries.
• Ability to manage Active Directory user, group, and computer accounts.
• Understanding, install and support of PC hardware and peripherals, such as HP printers, multi-function printers and scanners, etc.
• Basic understanding of networking technologies and protocols such as basic IP addressing, DNS, DHCP
• Knowledge of ADP Etime software, hand punch clocks a plus.
• Knowledge of Track-It Helpdesk software a plus.
• Knowledge of Avaya phone system and Blackberry a plus.
• Technical degree, MCP/MCDST Certification and/or Comp TIA A+ Hardware Certification, a plus


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    Questions will most likely be centered around trying to figure out your thought process when it comes to troubleshooting.

    "A user calls saying they can't ____, how would you troubleshoot this?".
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    You might get some technical questions about hardware or software. Or the difference between spyware and a virus. Things like that.

    I remember years ago when I interviewed for a help desk position, all three people (HR, shift supervisor, IT manager) all asked the same opening question - What is chip creep? I guess they ran into that a lot with their custom built systems.
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    had the phone interview today:
    got this email earlier

    Hi PPforLife,

    I left you a message. We would like to bring you in for an on-site interview on Friday 7/8. Please let me know your availability. You can reach me on my cell phone today (###) ###-####.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
  • cyberguyprcyberguypr Senior Member Mod Posts: 6,927 Mod
    Nice! Best of luck.
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    I am also very interested in this subject, but the reference is very limited. You can share documents as well as experience? Thanks!

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    When I applied for a help desk job, they usually ask customer service related questions relating to computers like my screen doesn't work, what steps should be taken to troubleshoot a computer screen? etc etc. Should be straight forward.
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