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I believe I will have no problem passing a CISSP audit. I have been working in several domains for many years (close to 20 in the business.) However one thing has me a little dismayed. It appears you have to do 40 hours of training per year for three years. Now there was a time that was no problem. These days companies are not so quick to send people away for training or even pay for online classes that are $3k plus.

Are my reading of the requirements correct? Is there any on line training you guys suggest that qualifies that does not cost more than my first automobile?


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    JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 13,041 Admin
    You are talking about the CPEs (Continuing Professional Education Credits) that are part of the requirement to maintain (ISC)2 certifications? You can pick up 40/year from attending security conferences and professional group meetings (1 hour = 1 CPE), attending many free online seminars and events, and by volunteering to be an exam items writer or exam proctor. Even subscribing to SC Magazine will net you 5 CPEs.

    Search this forum for "CPE" to find past discussions with other ideas. Also check out this PDF.
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    thanks for the quick reply. I see Podcast are also listed in the pdf so I would assume ones like Security Now would qualify. That makes it much easier. I did not see any free training on ISC2 website but maybe there just is not any in the near future.
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    The "free" is included in the ISC2 annual fee. There are monthly e-symposiums and a quarterly magazine. Both can be reviewed after recording/release and qualify for CPEs. It shouldn't be too hard for a security practitioner to find other education or volunteer activities that would also qualify. The industry seems to move so fast you almost need to be constantly plugged into security blog and rss feed to keep up.
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