Will A+ Certification get me a job in IT field?

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Hey guys, I am currently in University of Waterloo for Biological Science, however I don't feel as interested in my program as I do with technology, computers, and networking. I currently don't want to switch programs because it will be a big hassle for me, so I'll just finish it as I am in my 3rd year.

I have been building/tweaking/diagnosing computers all my life, however none of it in a professional environment. I considered it more of a hobby back in the day. Now however, I am considering doing it as a career. I discovered A+ certificate when looking around in job postings, where an employer was looking for a technician with a college degree or an A+ certificate. I looked into it and it seems like exactly what I want to get, to atleast get an entry level job for experience. I am afraid however, that once I get it, I still won't find a job and the 300 dollars that I will spend on the exams will be for naught.

So I ask you guys, is getting the A+ certificate a good idea for me? This field is where my interest lies and something I feel very passionate about. Do you guys have any other advice?



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    If you are thinking of changing career to IT, then definitely getting an A+ is a good idea. As far as getting a job, there is always a risk that some employers might reject you but you have to keep trying if you wanna work in the field. I believe that money would be worth the risk.
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    A+ tends to be a requirement for most entry level IT jobs so it never hurts. I'd look more down the path of getting the A+ then maybe some of the Microsoft OS certs if you want to get a decent help desk job. You can move up from there as you see fit, but to break into the IT field in general, the A+ does give you a start and is almost the logical starting point for anyone looking to break into the IT field, but I wouldn't just stop there.
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    My answer would be something along the lines of this:

    No, A+ will not get you a job in the IT field. Your skills will get you a job in the IT field. However, the A+ will sometimes be the deciding factor between you and someone who does not have it. I know that seems like nitpicking, but I think it is important to make that distinction early on. My advice to you would be to look at job requirements for what interests you online, and then attempt to evaluate and broaden your skillset to be in line with what those jobs are looking for, if that makes sense.
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    A+ might get you an interview if you apply to enough jobs, but it won't get you any of the jobs you interview for...YOU will get the job (your soft skills mean at least as much as A+). This cert can help you get an entry level helpdesk job.
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    You need to get the A+, but it's highly unlikely it'll get you a job. I have three certifications and an Associates degree in networking and have applied to about 100 jobs with no luck at all.
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    A+ is the bottom of the barrel...I'm sure it helps some, but it is entry level among the other certifications.

    Now, since you're in college and going for BioSci (I did the same track), you should go for a higher entry level cert...like Network+, Server+, or even Linux+. Instead of treating it like some complex computer thing you can't wrap your head around...treat it like a college course with material you might have been introduced to before, but it's going much more in depth.

    These certs are 100000x easier than BioChem icon_lol.gif and you will not have to study near as much...one of these certs is equivalent (as far as study time and preparation) to one Organic 2 test...and not the final.
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    Security+ is a must for any work with the DoD/Military/so forth. Might be worth looking into as well.
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    There always seems to be some sort of anti-A+ posts on this board... but... regardless of how low it is on the totem pole, take 2 minutes to search a job board and you'll see a ton of jobs that either request or require A+, for that reason alone it's worth getting.
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    Mike-Mike wrote: »
    There always seems to be some sort of anti-A+ posts on this board... but... regardless of how low it is on the totem pole, take 2 minutes to search a job board and you'll see a ton of jobs that either request or require A+, for that reason alone it's worth getting.

    +1. Especially if you have limited/no experience in IT, it helps to have the A+. I think if it was a cheaper cert there would be a lot less naysayers; the fact that it is 300+ dollars (without vouchers) is what turns a lot of people off.
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    Personally i think that since you already have the basic skills to work on pcs i guess that you could skip that.. as you said you want to work in the field i guess you need something more than just A+ alone ... something like Network+ or say MCSA/MCSE as you will mostly find MS products in an entreprise and they will surely hire certified people to maintain their it department with skills on hardware software and networks.
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    If that is what your heart want first ,go for it.There is nothing bad in getting A+ as an entry level cert.
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    Your skills and your experience will get you the job. I always say do what you love. So if you enjoy working on computers and have built some computers in the past for family and friends you may already know alot more then some ppl working in the field. Once you get into the field you'll realize how much more you know just from doing it as a hobby compared to some of your co-workers. Some of these guys are clueless and they have a cert.

    So if you enjoy it you should make the career change and dont waste your time on anything else. It will pay off later!
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    Sorry for the late reply, I didn't think I would get as much helpful advice as this. Really, thanks all for the input and advice. I am starting to study for the A+ and then see where I want to go from there, either getting more certs or seeing if I can get some sort of experience in an entry level job.

    Again, thanks all.
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    I know you said you planned on finishing the degree, and I wanted to emphasize the value of doing so. I was "too smart" to get a degree after high school, but did so years later and the value of the degree paid off in direct dollars. It's not uncommon for a person with a degree to get paid $5K or $10K more than someone without a degree doing the same job. Also, when the economy tanks as it sometimes does, the degree keeps more doors open.

    All that said, A+ is a great place to start to see if it interests you.

    Best of luck,

    Darril Gibson
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    A+ is a great place to start, however, if you are knowledgable enough to skip ahead, you could get Net+ and Sec+ for the same price. Net+ requires that you have A+ knowledge. Take a look at some Net+ study guides and see if the concepts are too advaced. If so, you should go for A+. Everywhere I have worked likes to see that you have a degree and don't care what the degree is in. I agree that you shouldn't change majors. I made the mistake of changing and never got to finish my degree. I went for 7 semesters and still have at least 4 more to graduate.
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    Great advice. It's never too late to finish that degree....

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    +1. Especially if you have limited/no experience in IT, it helps to have the A+. I think if it was a cheaper cert there would be a lot less naysayers; the fact that it is 300+ dollars (without vouchers) is what turns a lot of people off.

    +1 here. A+ will broaden your knowledge period. I spent 330€ on mine with vouchers and I consider the knowledge gained from it well worth it. I too custom built computers for a hobby and believe me there is much more to learn. The typical path is there for a reason. It works. A+ Net+ then branch off from there.
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    A+ could never hurt!
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    A+ helped me land a job.
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    Here's a recent blog that listed it as one of the must have certifications.

    Must-have Certifications for IT Pros

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    The A+ is really only good for entry level jobs. Sure it might help you land some interviews but the knowledge will get you the job.

    Personally I took A+ certification classes and then got a Desktop Support job without ever taking the test. At this point getting my A+ wouldn't do me any good as my years of experience speak for quite a bit more.

    You need to know the knowledge that the A+ teaches but whether or not you actually take the test is up to you. I've always told employers that if they require an A+ that I'm more than willing to obtain one within the first 30 days of employment but it's more of a formallity at this point.
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    Is the first step, just take it.
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