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Hi all, first of all I would like to appreciate the good work you all have been doing here. I did go through a few threads in the forum but I couldn't find the answer for my question. So here it goes. I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science after which I worked for a call centre for 6 months. Then I moved to the UK for my Master's degree in Computer Networks. So far I haven't done any certification courses yet. Initially I had in mind to go with Cisco certifications since I am specializing in Networks. But then I started off a couple of days ago with the very basic certification available today A+. Even without reading through the book I tried the sample questions and I was able to score 13 out of 20. Now I feel A+ is too basic to start with since I am no beginner to this field. Should I still go ahead with it or should I start with any Microsoft certifications? If Microsoft certifications are recommended is MCSE a good choice to begin with? I would like to finish off atleast one certification within the next 4 months just in time for my graduation and job hunt. Kindly advice.


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    If you are specializing in networks, as you say, then begin with CCNA.

    It is not 'basic' or 'entry-level', has a great 'ROI' so to speak, and if you already begun a Masters in Computer Networks I'd say you could definitely complete it in 4 months.

    Pick up the Cisco Press by Odom and Todd Lammles 7th edition and begin icon_study.gificon_study.gif
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    Well, choosing your certs should depend on the path you want to go.

    So what do you want to do in the future? Networking, Microsoft Admin, Linux Guru?
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    sujin1988 wrote: »
    Initially I had in mind to go with Cisco certifications since I am specializing in Networks.

    If you initially want to go with Cisco networking, then you need to pursue that with all vigor!

    We have an excellent support forum for that, and you should start studying for it, right away!

    CCNA / CCENT - TechExams.net IT Certification Forums

    If you need more help in your Cisco certification quest (what EQ to get, how to run GNS3/SDM, what books to buy, etc.), that forum will be a great aide to you!
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