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Just need a bit of advice. I have been working in a Dr's office for 13 yrs doing clerical work for about 12 shrinks. I have a Associates in IT and have a certifcation in A+ and N+ and working on Security+. I really cannot stand doing the work that I do anymore and wondering if you would leave a job where you have worked for 13 yrs to do Contract work for a Temp Agency that might only be 6 months or more. I have done a few deployments with my current company but no real intense IT work. I have done a lot of break/fix work for my co-workers personnal computers but really don't have any professional job releated experience. Any help would be much appreciated.



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    It's really hard to answer this question...I'm someone that says people should take risks, but it really depends on the individuals situation. Do you have children, a spouse, a significant other? That will make a huge difference in what you do. Typically if someone is really unhappy at a job and they have been that way for a long time, you pretty much have to change that situation.

    You need to make sure you calculate the worse case scenario and proceed from there. The best advice I could give now is to make sure you have enough money in reserves to live off of, take the Suze Orman 8-month emergency fund approach.
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    yes I am married and have a 6 yr old. With the economy today I'm just not sure. I really hate to me miserable and dread going to work every day. Then again I don't want to be unemployed and back to square one. It looks like its impossible to get hired directly by a big company. Most of the companies these days are contracted out. Not sure really what to do. Don't have enough work releated experience to get hired anywhere.
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    It looks like its impossible to get hired directly by a big company.

    Anything wrong with a smaller company? The small to medium business market can offer a lot of room to gain a ton of experience. Might be worth considering.
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    Does your office have someone else manage the computers? In 13 years someone must have gotten a new PC or they installed a server or file share. If it's someone in a different department you may see if you can help them out some. It's going to be hard for someone with 13 years work experience and very little professional IT work to get anything. You know your financial situation, temp contracts, and how much risk the boss (aka your wife) will let you take.

    If there's a contract you are suited for and you have done the interviews on then do what your heart tells you. Just don't quit until you 100% have something. Also make sure your wife has good insurance because the insurance from temp places tends to suck since they don't pay anything toward it.
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    I have gotten many calls from temp agencies but most of them are 3-6 month temp jobs. I guess I am not very confident in myself. Just worried that I would work for one of these temp agencys and crumble that I don't have enough experience. I guess you have to start out somewhere right?

    I make okay money where I am but I have been here 13 yrs and haven't had any huge promotions. There is an IT department but they all the staff have been here as long as I have and don't see them leaving or expanding there dept in the near future.
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    I would def try to get a job in the field especially if you enjoy the IT field. I always say do what you love. Why wake up everyday and work someplace yo hate! It's the worst way to live your life. If you have an opportunity for 3 or 6 months, I would take it. Do an excellent job put in your 110% and some great opportunites will open up. The IT job should provide pay more, I hope. The extra $$ should help in savings in case the contact ends in 6 months and you are down for a while until you pick up another gig. Think positive and positive things will happen :)
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    How long have you been looking? In this economy you may be looking for at least a year till you find a job. I graduated and it took 8 months for me to find a job. Take it from me, never just up and quit for something less then a sure thing. I've done that and it has been a mistake everytime. I'd stick it out, till something fulltime comes along. Use this time to continue to work on more certifications and something will come. Good luck!
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    I say start working towards a CCNA in the meantime. The A+, N+ and Sec will only get your foot in the door....
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    Don't quit your job until you find at least a 1 year contract then jump on that
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    Are you understanding what they are saying when they mention 3-6 month contract? Is this a contract with a right to hire? Or is this is clear cut project where you are done in X months and then onto the next?

    A lot of us got our start on the help desk with a 3-6 month contract. A lot of companies try before they buy, it's just how the industry goes. Heck even high level technicians get the same treatment. Sometimes you just keep getting renewed. I know a SQL report writer who has been at the same company for 7 years and gets his contract renewed each year. No benefits or matching 401K, but he does get to renegotiate his contract each year and it's usually in the 5-7%+ range.
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