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I have a+, Network+ & i-NET+ and am studying for Linux+ right now - how difficult is Server+ compared to the above 3?


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    I found Server+ exam to be quite difficult--much more that Network+ or A+. It has been called "advanced A+". I studied 4 months after passing Net+. The study materials were not that hard to grasp, but the exam was based on troubleshooting/preventative-actions types of scenarios. However, I am very glad that I got the cert since the job that I got after passing the exam takes place right in the data center among the servers.

    It's based a lot on server hardware, some NOSs, RAID, redundancy, security, and recovery.

    Hope this helps.
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    i just brushed over the server+ curriculum about a month ago, and wow, it looked SO indepth. sometimes people underestimate the amount of work and support go into a high-end server. the training that is required is incredible. i think this is primarily due to the amount of versatility and variability of the products. for example, the difference between a Windows Server and a UNIX server is COMPLETELY different, whereas a NetGear Router and a LinkSys Router are pretty much the same. i think that due to the difficulty of this cert, it DEFINITELY draws some weight on your resume.
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    Thanks for the heads up. Seems June is the month for Server+ in my household. We'll see what happens.
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    It's not too bad of an exam. I did fail it the first time around. I took it a second time and I passed! There is just so much more information that you have to study for. They just released the new exam which has newer domains and technologies, there will be more reading to be done to study for the new exam. Good luck though!!
  • MetaldaveMetaldave Member Posts: 102 ■■■□□□□□□□
    My instructor for the A+ said if you are on top of your A+ and Net+ with some study, Sever+ shouldn't be too hard. How come there is no study notes for it here? (I don't mean that in a bad way, just wondering icon_rolleyes.gif )
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    I would recommend taking Security+ soon after Network+, there is a lot of overlap. In addition, Security+ requires a lot Network+ fundamentals.

    The next logical step would then be CCNA, which is basically applied Network+. Fortunately, the CCNA basically only requires you to know layers 1-4 of the OSI with a strong emphasis in layers 2 and 3.

    Of course, to really study for the CCNA you'll need to make some equipment investments. The more you spend the better, but I would say a minimum investment of $300 - $500 US$ is needed.

    Server+, as someone earlier mentioned is very similar to A+ on steroids with an understanding of Network+ required.
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    Thanks for the heads up for the server+ test.
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