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So i have a 2008 Server With the Hyper-V Role installed and the Trial of SCVMM. I have a Windows 2003 and Windows 7 VM on Hyper-V.

What i want to do is deploy Windows 7 to a computer with the name Boardroom01. So when someone boot's the Machine it fetches Windows 7.
I like the idea of not having a physically installed OS.

How do i do this? What's confusing me is VMM.

New Virtual Machine

When i Try to add a New Virtual Machine i don't get the option to run it then mount the D: Drive to install the OS. SO i tried to just copy a VHD over to the Library and appearantly the Library is accesible through VMM but not existant on the Server [I can't find the shared folder =(....]
Convert Physical Server

I haven't been able to use it because it asks me to add a host.

Add Library Server

Everything is installed on the same 2008 Server so i imagine adding itself to a library isn't possible.

Add Host

So from what i've read a host is a machine that contains 1 or more VM's.
Now does this mean a Server that contains the VM/VHD's to be deployed? Or a End User Who's getting the deployed VM?

I'm assuming it's the first of the 2 because if i try to deploy it on a end user it requests the use of an OS Server 2003 or greater.

But it won't let me add the Server 2008 which everything is on.

So what do i do? Am i not suppose to have everything on one server?


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    Sounds like you are trying to setup a thin client environment. Check out the following links and see if this helps to identify what you are wanting to achieve.

    Thin client - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Virtual Machine Manager - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Check out this link for an overview of hyper-v so you can get the OS installed.
    Install a Guest Operating System
    Plus there are several chapters in the same area that will answer some of your other questions.

    Let me know if you have any other questions that are not covered in the links I provided.
    Good luck.
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