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So i have a 2008 Server With the Hyper-V Role installed and the Trial of SCVMM. I have a Windows 2003 and Windows 7 VM on Hyper-V.

What i want to do is deploy Windows 7 to a computer with the name Boardroom01. So when someone boot's the Machine it fetches Windows 7.
I like the idea of not having a physically installed OS.

How do i do this? What's confusing me is VMM.

New Virtual Machine

When i Try to add a New Virtual Machine i don't get the option to run it then mount the D: Drive to install the OS. SO i tried to just copy a VHD over to the Library and appearantly the Library is accesible through VMM but not existant on the Server [I can't find the shared folder =(....]
Convert Physical Server

I haven't been able to use it because it asks me to add a host.

Add Library Server

Everything is installed on the same 2008 Server so i imagine adding itself to a library isn't possible.

Add Host

So from what i've read a host is a machine that contains 1 or more VM's.
Now does this mean a Server that contains the VM/VHD's to be deployed? Or a End User Who's getting the deployed VM?

I'm assuming it's the first of the 2 because if i try to deploy it on a end user it requests the use of an OS Server 2003 or greater.

But it won't let me add the Server 2008 which everything is on.

So what do i do? Am i not suppose to have everything on one server?


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