Passed with 764/764 !!

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I barely snuck by this one. But I felt quite confident while answering the questions?? Some of the questions were worded strangely and appeared to have multiple correct answers. I wish I could see the correct answers I answered wrong. I did not study a whole lot for it. I read through the tcat guide over the course of a couple months and used the Trancender practice exams along with the exams here. Transcender has very simialar look/feel exams, compared with the real thing, and quite simialar questions. A pass is a pass! Any recomendations on what to take next. I am thinking about Linux+.


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    TeKniquesTeKniques Member Posts: 1,262 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Congrats with your pass!

    As for what to do next. All I can say is that I wish I knew more about Unix and Linux as a whole. In my current job it is what we use almost exclusively as our servers OS and my boss is making me read 3 books on Unix/Linux namely: FreeBSD, Red Hat, and a book on Unix commands.

    So, I would recommend the Linux+ route. :D
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    WebmasterWebmaster Admin Posts: 10,292 Admin
    Close but close enough, congratulations!
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    ja5983ja5983 Member Posts: 129
    good job man! welcome to the security+ club. could i suggest the TruSecure TICSA if you are going for network security?
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    baracusbaracus Member Posts: 50 ■■□□□□□□□□
    ja5983 wrote:
    good job man! welcome to the security+ club. could i suggest the TruSecure TICSA if you are going for network security?

    Thanks. I will be graduating in May with a BS in Information Systems. I would like to get one or two more certs before I hit the job market (help the resume out a bit). I think the free OS will be much more popular in the future. I currently use Linux but do not know the ins and outs of it...yet.
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    With this exam, a pass is a pass - congratulations :)
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    That was close. :D
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    Congrats icon_thumright.gificon_thumright.gif.
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