Another 201 Passed

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First I would like to start off by saying a big THANK YOU to everyone on this board. Your consistant encouragement and guidance to others really motivates long time lurkers like myself. bowing.gif

I passed with an 847 today. The only study material I used was Darril Gibson's Security+ based on the great reviews it received on here. I'm a pretty good test taker so I only went through the book once but I will say that I wasn't as confident in my answers as I was with the A+ and Net+. For those with no network or security experience like myself I would suggest using an additional source or at least finding more practice questions.

A+, Net+, and Sec+ completed in 2 months and the ITILv3 is scheduled for next week. I figure a week is adequate time for that being the bootcamp my boss went through was only 3 days and he said they basically read through the study material.

After ITIL I plan on turning my sights towards Cisco certifications. I'm not sure if I should go the 1 or 2 exam route for acquiring the CCNA. Any suggestions? The immediate goal is to reach the CCNA:Security by Dec. so I can start applying for NOC jobs.

Sorry for the extended post, after lurking for so long the questions are just exploding out of me. bom.gif


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