how to get windows xp snort ids installed properly

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whos the ids snort master


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    whos the ids snort master

    Funny I was just reading a post about a similar post elsewhere last night....

    Have you tried the Snort Forums?
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    I deploy and use snort, but only in a linux environment my friend, so I wouldn't be able to help you with the Windows XP setup.
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    No Snort master as you requested, but this should get you started (though there is more to it):

    1. Download Snort from:

    2. Install by running the download .exe

    3. Download and install WinPcap 3.0 (sniffer):

    4. Download and install LibnetNT Drivers (required for advanced funtionality only, i.e. injection of TCP reset packets)

    5. Go to command line (Start, Run, cmd) and navigate to the Bin folder inside the Snort installation

    folder (i.e. c:\snort\bin)

    6. Run snort.exe to check parameters

    7. Run snort.exe /SERVICE /INSTALL with desired options
    (i.e. assign interface, log dir (required, set to c:\snort\log\ for example) /file, log type)
    You don't need to install it as a service btw (i.e. leave out /service /install)

    8. After the installation you can find a faq.pdf in the snort\doc\ folder, check out the section How to start Snort as a win32 service?

    9. Download and install IDS Policy Manager For Windows 2000/XP (since your running it on Windows, why not use a GUI for the rules :))

    10. Have fun!
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