windows default hidden shares

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im sure i could google this, but im lazy! anyway, anyone know how to turn off these shares so they dont turn back on after reboot?


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    so what are you trying to tell me? LOL. guess i wont be needing to do that then huh? icon_redface.gif
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    :) Just pointing out the consequences so you know what you are getting into. That, but the article also implies the answer to your question:

    If you set the AutoShareWks registry DWORD value to 0 (in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanManServer\Parameters) the default shares won't be (re-)created at startup. Depending on whether any of the problems in the article I pointed out apply to your Windows XP machine you can 'safely' remove them.
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    Quick question, why would you want to disable these shares?? If you are looking at it in a security perspective you can always permission them out to certain groups or individuals. Just my opinion.
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    'A' valid reason can be to minimize the number of 'access points'. Even though you can secure it tighly it is another way in for a potential attacker. Exploits in the past allowed connections to IPC$ and indirectly to vital system files while evading authentication. If new ways to abuse the hidden aministrative shares are discovered you won't be vulnerable to it. I guess it comes down to one of the objectives in the Security+ exam: Non-essential services, i.o.w. if you don't need, and want things to be as secure as possible, don't run it. As I pointed out previously, they do have a valid purpose, so removing them 'can' result in unavoidable problems.
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    Learned something new today! :D
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