Testing Locations? WTF?

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I cannot believe how much trouble I am having with this issue. I want to take the A+ test and nobody, repeat NOBODY can give me a clue as to where this test can be taken, how much it cost, etc.

I've had no problem finding information on what kinds of questions the test asks, information about buying preparation packages, information on expected salaries of techs with A+ certification, and so forth. But it seems that the actual test information is a highly-guarded project and only those connected with the CIA are privy to this information. I've contacted local IT Job agencies (they don't know), computer stores who have in-store techs (they don't know), colleges offering courses preparing for the test (no clue), even technical trade schools specializing in IT computer training (nope). What the hell gives?

So now, here I am in TechExams.Net Forums looking for an answer to what should be a simple question.

I am in Southern California, Los Angeles Southbay area, the computer capital of the world, and still can't find anyone with a clue.

H E L P !


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    why don't you check out:




    Good luck, you came to the right place to ask icon_lol.gif
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    Thank you! That was fast. I was about ready to pull (the rest) of my hair out. I will post this direct link in case some other poor soul is looking for the same:

    Locate a Test Site

    Another question:

    Is the A+ certification connected directly with CompTIA, because that's all I seem to find? The database there says to "Select Your Testing Program" but doesn't list A+ or anything, just a bunch of companies. I'm confused.
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    Yes, A+ is CompTIA's. Just keep making the correct selections. Start by selecting CompTIA, then the bottom dialog will populate with all the test offered by CompTIA. You will select A+, then pick either Core Hardware or OS. 220-301 is the core hardware test, and 220-302 is the OS test. Happy testing. icon_wink.gif
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    I would strongly suggest that you might visit CompTIA.com and check out the objectives of the test. That might help you prepare for it. Good Luck and Happy Testing.
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