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So I bit the bullet and scheduled the exam. So far I have been labing watching both prof messer and cbt nuggets and also going through Don Poulton. I have been working in It for a few years and feel 80 % confident on the test. My concern is the command lines. I can figure it out with out the need to look it up but its always oh! yeah that's right when I get an error message.

Any one taken the test that also studied the Don Poulton book? Are the question formats the same? I never sat for a MS exam before only the Comptia and the unknown is more intimidating than the exam.

BTW eBay right now exam vouchers for $75 one shot....


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    So I am totally burned out on studying.... Everything is running together and I have the I dont give a damn if I pass or fail attitude at this point. Probably need to brush up and do a quick review. Anyone have some light reading ideas? You know like Exam Cram had for you to tear out of the book. Sat. is coming fast and I will prob only sit for it this one time either way....

    Arggh just ready to be done and focus on something else like the 70-640 :)
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    Sounds like you need a 680 break. I would look over the 640/642 material that complements the 680.
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    Well I failed. I run out of time to be honest. I know what needs to be done. I can tell where I really studied and took the others for granted. Not the format I was expecting though. There were a few questions that kind of contradicted the answers. Is it a tough test? Dunno... I think you just need to prepare yourself well as with anything. I think I was just a little cocky. Now that is done time to sit down and study up :)
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    Was this your first MS exam?
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    Krunchi wrote: »
    Was this your first MS exam?

    Yes 4567
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    what did you experience on the exam that caught you off guard? also what was missing from your studies that you saw on the test? I am reading poultons book and the prof. messor vids and labbing it up so i can take this some time in november and any tips from recent test takers are appreciated.

    the techs that work for me and have taken the test and used the poulton book have all passed and said that the test in the poulton book is harder than the actual test... your thoughts?
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    I think more so it was the different way poulton and MS write the questions. Poulton has like a paragraph and MS is like you have this, this and this. Make this happen.

    I just do not feel like I was prepared. Half the questions I felt as if I had no idea of the correct answer. I had IPSEC, IPv6 questions, some Branchache, a ton of windows firewall rules or so it felt that way. Where I am strong at is deployment and I never had really any questions relating to it :)

    As I think of more examples I'll post them. Oh and know your IP classes :)
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    Just to revive an old thread to motivate myself. lab built. Trainsignal study material to go. Voucher purchased. Goal to have this sucker passed by the end of April! I WILL NOT let this exam beat me.....
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    well April came and went.... mind just scheduled for 6/2... Worked has picked up and boss wants CCNA.. Gotta get this one done first for personal satisfaction....
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    arrgghh! hitting the wall again with Studying/labs/deployments at work etc. Hard to really focus. Think I might just take tomorrow and Sat off and pick it back up Sunday..... Must keep going!!!
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    nycid wrote: »
    arrgghh! hitting the wall again with Studying/labs/deployments at work etc. Hard to really focus. Think I might just take tomorrow and Sat off and pick it back up Sunday..... Must keep going!!!

    Keep going pimp, I just started studying for this bad boy, as far as I understand the MS exams are very detail oriented and by any means NOT straight to the point and basically random, I've been reading this forum a lot of i see a lot of different parts of the exam covered for everybody... now they're talking about an 80 question exam instead of the 50 is swimming around
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    I'm taking this test tomorrow any thing I should prepare for or should I just cross my fingers and hope.
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    Tomorrows the day @ 9:30am. Getting some last minute studying in with hopes it all sticks tomorrow. Nervous as hell. Really do not want to sit this 3 times! Argghh!
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    well, did you pass?
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    nope 680! Damn test... going to take it again in about 3 weeks. Maybe just maybe this will be it!
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    Sorry to hear you didn't pass. You'll get it next time icon_thumright.gif
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