Question w/ MS Self-Paced Kit Exam 70-680 (mounting VHDs)

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I have the MS Self-Paced Kit for Exam 70-680. I am on page 140 and running into a problem. My output for step 5 is 'The system can not find the file specified.' Error opening file 'W:\myimage.wim, 1'. I did some searches on this message and am not able to find an answer on how to correct this. I also found the errata .pdf for this book but the page doesn't show up there either. I do have a W:\ drive and it is online in Disk Management. Has anyone ran into this problem and found a resolution? It seems like the syntax is looking for myimage.wim on my VHD W:\ and not finding it because it is not there. I get that, however, there is no step on moving/copying or doing anything with my myimage.wim file. Am I just to assume I need to move it to W:\ before mounting??

Any help would be apprecaited.


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    Yes, I tried that link and the fix isn't there. Can anyone tell me how to attach an image file to a VHD? The books way is incorrect.
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    @Pam: Download WIM2VHD.
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    HI Pamccabe
    This is not from the curriculum but from my experience, although you can use WIM's for Virtual machine you would typically use VHD's for Virtual Hard disks and WIM's for Windows Imaging as in Backups / Restorations and deployments. To mount a WIM using PETools cmd prompt as part of WAIK you could use Imagex.exe /Mount-Wim /WimImage:C:\pathtowim\image.wim /index:1 /MountDir:C:\EmptyTempFolderToMount\temp
    Where as if it is a VHD you could simply do it from Disk Management if my memory serves me.
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    Thanks guys. I'm just concerned about not doing it as the book lies out because it might be worded as such on the exam. I'm sure I can work around it to get this to work, but I want to make sure I have the correct answer for the exam. I hope that makes sense.
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