Question w/ MS Self-Paced Kit Exam 70-680 (mounting VHDs)

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I have the MS Self-Paced Kit for Exam 70-680. I am on page 140 and running into a problem. My output for step 5 is 'The system can not find the file specified.' Error opening file 'W:\myimage.wim, 1'. I did some searches on this message and am not able to find an answer on how to correct this. I also found the errata .pdf for this book but the page doesn't show up there either. I do have a W:\ drive and it is online in Disk Management. Has anyone ran into this problem and found a resolution? It seems like the syntax is looking for myimage.wim on my VHD W:\ and not finding it because it is not there. I get that, however, there is no step on moving/copying or doing anything with my myimage.wim file. Am I just to assume I need to move it to W:\ before mounting??

Any help would be apprecaited.


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