Warming up for the beast

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I took the beast last November, since then I had taken other exams, now I an focussing again on it. I had done all the readings I can possible do it on it, practiced and worked in real life on it and now self testing in which Im averaging above 900 on each practice tests.

I might get a new job shortly so Im cramming this one for a week now after completing 218 last week, so if Im still not working next week, I will take it again.

In Nov, I missed it by a few questions. My score was 660. Close, now I have more knowledge and am more prepared.

Any last suggestions are greatly appreciated.
What next?


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    I haven't taken this one (or any really :), but I know that I've been a bit nervous about it.

    I have the full MS press set and a ton of supplemental material. The MSpress book for this one has to be one of the most dry, intense ones, even though it's pretty small compared to the Server exam.

    I managed to score the Sybex book for it on the bargain rack at ChumpUSA, and it's a lot easier to get through. I find the language fairly simply in comparison, with real world examples given. Bookpool seems to be a good place to find stuff like that so maybe it's worth glancing at.
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