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Currently I have an AAS in Network Systems Admin with certs of A+, N+, and Security +. I am waiting on my bootcamp for MCITP Server Administrator to start. I have about 2 months. Anyone have any suggestions for me of something I could easily knock out and might also help my knowledge base for MCITP SA?


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    Welcome aboard. Tell us about your background and experience to see what fits.
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    If you have an interest in networking, specifically Cisco, you should be able to kill ICND1 in 2 months. If you have a lot of time you could even shoot for the full CCNA. Otherwise, I would suggest getting a head start on either 70-640 or 70-642.
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    How about the MCTS Windows 7 cert? Not really clear on its importance of having though.

    I know the basis of Cisco and command line stuff and basic routing protocols with RIP and OSPF but that stuff kinda confuses me a little too much. To me microsoft feels a lot easier to retain the info.
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    I think I am gonna do Server+ because its highly relative towards the N+ and Security+ and would be in a better prep direction for the boot camp
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    Server+ really won't add any value either to your studies or to your resume. Okay, maybe it will add some value, but really not a lot. It won't be the make or break on getting a job or interview, and you might as well just start studying for the MS tests if that's what you want to improve on.

    The 70-680 cert is required for the MCITP:SA and EA tracks anyway, and it has more standalone value.

    Whether you go the Microsoft route or the Cisco route (or a hybrid of the two) should be depending on what you want to do with your career. Unless configuring switches and routers is something you want to be doing a lot, CCNA or higher won't help you. CCENT is honestly worth getting just so you have the general knowledge and can work with them once in a while, but really, if you have Net+ you should be fine.
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