Virus Levels

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You know Symantec has levels as a way to rate there viruses? What is the highest level you have dealt with? I wonder if we'll ever see a level 5?


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    I believe they rate the virus' on the possible damage it can do, how quick it can spread and how hard it is to get rid of.
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    The virus levels will also downgrade once patches are applied and most of the possibility for damage has been even if something is a 5, it could conceivably drop.

    I don't recall....never looked at the rating for determining a fix, usually keep my clients up-to-date as well as remedy things as quickly as they are I cannot say that I have ever been in a panic state to secure things when a virus was released (plus I don't use Symantec ;) ).

    Did need to run updates on one client for Nimda....otherwise....usually only minor problems where a mobile user gets missed on updates and they need to be caught up.
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