Security+ Transcenders, anyone try those out ?

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I'm currently studying for the Security+ exam. I plan to do the exam latest by the end of June. Anyways, right now I'm reading "Syngress Security+ - Study Guide & DVD Training System." Not the biggest fan of how the material is taught, but I plan to read Mike Meyer's Certification Passport for SecuritY+ after.

Nevertheless, I was looking at GetCertified4Less' website and they had an offer for exam voucher + transcenders questions for around 250. I'm just curious if anyone has tryed the tests. I know a lot of people recommend transcenders, but I want some feedback from someone who got the security+ questions. I want to be able to justify dropping another 100US for the questions.

Also, for anyone who has used Mike Meyer's Passport to Security+, how good are the practice exams that come on the CD? I plan on reading the book after I finish the Syngress one.
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    I am just about to write exam and debating about sample exams. I am comparing trans with preplogic and lot of people recommending transcenders so I might just go with Transcenders. The only thing stopping me is the price since you can get preplogic with voucher for $195 and similar deal from trans. for $265 so about $100 diffrence.
    I will let u know..
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    I used both Transcenders and sample questions from various Web sites (+ studying at - 30 hours) and passed with a 876 out of 900 on 5/5/05. I also used other prep stuff including ExamCram (100 test questions) and 400+ questions from another book. I studied a bit from the Sybex book and also ran through some of their questions. I probably put in 65-70 hours of study and then passed within 1/2 hour (it could have been 15 minutes but I reviewed all questions to make sure I passed). Oh yeah, and that port quiz REALLY helped. I also made up my own list of ports I felt I needed to know and put them in a Word document. If you want more specifics just e-mail me.
    I liked transcender. I thought they were pretty good. But I also like Boson too.

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    I have not used Transcender in a few I can not help you on that one..But, I did use the Boson. It is good to supplement the Syngress book. I liked that book. The Passport book is is not the only book you use. So, in your case, it is ok. If I remember correctly, the questions in that book were pretty basic. I would use them in combination with the syngress questions and the Boson. Good luck.. :D

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    I guess no one said "very good" things about preplogic ($195US with voucher) so I will with go Transcenders ($249 with voucher).
    thanks everyone for your feedback.
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    In that case I will, I've used the PrepLogic Security+ exams and they were good for preparation because a. the good coverage of the exam objectives b. good online references c. lots of questions d. recently updated. I haven't used Transcenders for this exam, so I can't compare, but they served me well for MS exam and I'm sure they'll work well for Security+ too.
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    Thank you for all of your replies. A majority of them are pointing me towards transcenders. So if all things goto plan, I shell be purchasing those at the end of next month :D
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    I just bought Transc and did about 50 questions so far. My intial impression is it's questions out of comptia objectives and they have nothing to do with this exam such as how does PIX firewall protects again xyz attack so I am not too impressed so far. I only tried 50 and do not want to encourage you but letting you know how I feel so far.
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    I think the best practice exam is Preplogic. In my experience, by just using the practice exam alone, you can get at least 50-60% of the questions in the actual exam. The other 40% will depend on your understanding of the subject matter. It will be the factor if you will pass the exam with flying colors...............
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    Hmm, PrepLogic or Transcenders. After hearing about transcenders not being the greatest, it kinda shifted me. But I'll see. I'll be getting them next month if my studying goes to schedule.
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    Please do not waste money and time on Trancender exams, the questions are out of subject and objectives..for e.g. it's got so many Unix and windows specific questions which has nothing to do with comptia objectives and I do not think any other author covered them in any books. I tried boson and preplogic sample questions and they seem to be better and closer to objectives.
    The thing is Transcender is most expensive than preplogic so I thought it would be best of breed but I was wrong..
    I am writing exam on Wed. so let you know my feedback.
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