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How can I setup different MPLS TE tunnels which get chosen based on traffic type? Say I have 1 tunnel that allots 32kbps for voice calls, but then another tunnel that alots 1024kbps for database syncs.

Is there a way to do this?


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    You can do class based forwarding for different exp values. Not sure about traffic type per se though.
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    Well what I was looking into was some sort of constraint based routing for my WAN connections. I have multiple connection points to my MPLS cloud at differing speeds. I didn't want to let the IGP load balance between unequal paths. I also did not want to use PBR, it just feels too static. So I thought MPLS-TE might be something to look into. But then I stumbled upon PfR. PfR seems to be exactly what I need to look into.

    I've heard PfR only in passing, it doesn't seem to be highly publicized.
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    concerning mpls te you would use as mentioned the exp bits and assign them to te tunnels. the te tunnels themselves can be then put on loose or strict paths based on your requirements. added with that it is recommended to use rsvp to make sure that the bandwidth on the path is available.

    using pfr maybe an option. I haven't seen anything related to it being used in te but that doesn't mean it can't be
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