INE CCNA R&S Streaming Course free until the end of the year

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CCNA Associate Course - 640-802

For any of you studying for the CCNA, I highly recommend you join the site and partake of this free offer. I'm not affiliated with INE, nor do I make any money for referrals or anything like that, I simply use their products for CCIE training, and I have every reason to believe that their CCNA offering will be beneficial to other candidates, and I wanted to make sure the CCNA hopefuls that are on this site were aware of the opportunity.


  • alxxalxx Member Posts: 755
    Thanks for the heads up!
    Goals CCNA by dec 2013, CCNP by end of 2014
  • dead_p00ldead_p00l Member Posts: 136
    Thanks for letting us know. I'm hoping to test before the end of the year and this would be great to run through.
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  • Ola_CISCOOla_CISCO Member Posts: 73 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for this :D
  • Nate--IRL--Nate--IRL-- Member Posts: 103 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Fantastic resource! Thanks very much Forsaken.

  • cyberguyprcyberguypr Senior Member Mod Posts: 6,926 Mod
    I've heard nothing but good reviews from the INE material. Will use it to complete my CCNA. Thanks for the tip.
  • effektedeffekted Member Posts: 166
    Awesome thanks for the heads up! I plan on pwning the INCD1 in January and this will only help.

    I got an email last week from a LinkedIn group for CareerAcademy access to the first 100 callers...ended up only being a 3 day pass to "trial" and with projects at work/newborn I didn't have a chance to watch any videos. With this I'll have 2 1/2 weeks!
  • alxxalxx Member Posts: 755
    Even works on an ipad
    Goals CCNA by dec 2013, CCNP by end of 2014
  • pseniorpsenior Member Posts: 28 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thank you for this information. I will be starting a CCNA class in January and this will help me get a head start on learning the material. I've watched 3 videos so far and find them to be good quality.
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