Inverse ARP in Packet tracer

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Hi, i've just started learning about Frame relay and enjoying it. The config is interested but I would like to disable no inverse arp but PT doesn't appear to support this. It's a pain because I tried experimenting with a fully meshed network running RIPv1 and then watching the routes vanish out of the routing table as I removed a frame map statement. However although it looked like it was working, suddenly Inverse ARP popped up and remapped the map I had taken down and it was now showing up as "dynamic" when I ran the show frame-relay map command
Is there anyway to circumvent inverse arp as I find its getting in the way of experimentation?

Unfortunately I don't have the money to buy the real equipment, nor the space. PT has served me quite well (apart from STP,portfast) up till now.
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    you can always try dynamips/gns3
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    Get a copy of dynamips going and configure your own frame relay switch. Once you've done that you will be able to do whatever you want regarding frame-relay.
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