Took CISSP December 17, Dulles, VA

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Eagerly awaiting results... The last exam for the year was administered on Dec 23 and am trying to figure out a good ballpark for exam results. One of the administrators at the exam said he took the exam same time last year and only took like 2 weeks to get results. Anyone else take the exam recently? Any info is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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    Welcome aboard. What resources did you use to study?
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    Being in the Military we have resources available to us to use. Most people would probably think I was crazy the way I "prepared" for the exam. I registered for an account with through DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency). They have a recorded classroom environment with slides. Granted the training was outdated to the point that the domains didn't sequentially match up, but the content was still good. I took three days of leave from work and I booked a hotel room for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at the hotel where they were administering the exam on Saturday morning. I hunkered down for those 3 days watched the VTE site and that's about it. Really didn't look at anything else. Pulled an all nighter Friday night into Saturday morning when I sat for the test. To be honest I think I dozed off about 6 times during the exam. I just got back from a one year deployment to Iraq in June and after transitioning back and getting settled I started working on my certs. There was a small window of opportunity for me to take the exam and with only one available date to test so I took it. I was about the 5th person done with the exam in about 4 hours with 63 other people still testing when i left. Again most people will think im crazy for approching it the way i did and that i dont have a snowflakes chance in hell to pass but I felt pretty comfortable and knew where I perhaps could have used some additional knowledge and had a good idea of about 5 questions that were the experimental ones. Here is hoping the stars align and some sort of Christmas miracle happened for me.

    Thanks for the question!
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    and that i dont have a snowflakes chance in hell to pass but I felt pretty comfortable and knew where I perhaps could have used some additional knowledge
    How much prior professional InfoSec experience do you have? Passing the CISSP is not just about what you can study and memorize, but how much you already know and have experienced.
    and had a good idea of about 5 questions that were the experimental ones.
    How did you recognized these as research questions? I've never heard anyone make that claim before.
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    Great questions... I've been working with computers for 19 years with the last 11 1/2 years being active duty navy. Side note about the website it is open to all military and dod employees. As for your second question, the 5 questions I was referring to were questions about technology that i couldn't find in the last CIB and I haven't looked yet for it being listed in the current CIB just because my brain imploded for the first 48 hours after I took the exam. I'll take a look at the current CIB and see if it is listed in there and post back my findings. Hope everyone enjoyed there new year.
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    I took the CISSP on Dec 17, 2011 at Dulles also. Im still waiting for the results.
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    I took the exam Dec 18 at Reston, VA. In holding pattern for my results as well. Good luck to all of us!
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    Same here waiting for results. I think results should be out this week sometime. (ISC)2 is closed today. Since the 23rd was the last test day of the cycle and today makes day 10 for those people but with the 2 days by (ISC)2 accounting for those that would make it Wednesday at the soonest in my opinion. Anyone else with any thoughts? Have a good one!
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    I took mine on December 4th in Reston, VA, and still haven't got my results yet. I'm hoping I'll have it by the end of the week - if that's the case, you should have yours next week, or the following week.

    I'd imagine with the domain changes this year, a LOT more people took the exam in the last 2 months of 2011 than usual, and there's a backlog in processing. Just a guess though.
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  • i4647i4647 Registered Users Posts: 6 ■□□□□□□□□□ is open to all federal civilian employees as well through a project run by DHS.

    I used it in my prep - a helpful tool, but was pretty thin in some of the domains.

    Sat the exam the same day, same place - hopefully the results will be sent out soon.
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    I took the exam on the 17th of Dec. as well and I am waiting on results.

    Acting on an impulse of "craziness" from waiting....I emailed ICS2 and was informed the results should be sent out around the 1st of February.

    The wait is draining
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    I think the 1st of February is a bit off. They gave you that date because it is 6 weeks out from when we took the exam. The posted results yesterday and on the 22nd of December, those account for the two testing cycles before ours which means by simple deduction that ours is currently being processed so our results will be out next. So since it was 12 days between the last two sets of results I would only expect ours to be out within the next two weeks at the latest. Happy waiting!
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    Yeah, you are exactly right. I assumesd he was calculating the 6 weeks into the response. I honestly just needed to get some type of correspondence from them. It was driving me

    But, I hope we get great news in the coming weeks.

    Best of luck.
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    Don't worry you weren't the only one who got ansy and emailed them. I needed something to know someone was actually there working LoL. It has been driving me crazy as well. Knowing that I will be separating from the Navy in the next 2-3 months this certification means a lot to me for employment opprotunities and due to the time it takes to get test results I need to know if I passed and if I need to take it again. Here's to keeping my fingers and toes crossed for some good news but soon enough it will get to the point that I won't care what the results are but that I just some results to figure out what my next step is.
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    Lol...nice to know I am not the only one bugging

    Good luck to you. Hope your Navy experience has been a good one, I was in USMC for 8 yrs.
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    My Navy experience has been a good one for the most part. Just as anything else it has its goods and bads. It is a chapter in my life that I am looking forward to closing and moving onto bigger and better things. Unfortunately since I moved around so much I was never able to get my certifications that I need and so since I got back from Iraq last year in June once I got back to my new command and got settled I have been trying to knock out as many certifications as possible. Still just waiting for these results in order to move onto the other certifications I need to get. Thanks again. Semper Fi.
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    Sempi Fi! Good luck on the outside.
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    I'm in a good location for getting out. Everything happends for a reason!
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    Funny thing today.....

    I have email filtered for ISC2, so when I recieve an email the folder will glow bold with an indication of a new message.

    Well, I realized today that maybe that's not such a good idea.

    I recieved an email from ISC2, titled Exams Results Info: 0034748....

    My eyes teared up and my heart sank with excitement as I took deep breaths and opened the I opened it I briefly scanned and saw NOT in bold and figured I failed.

    After reading it again slowly, I realized it was just to inform me that my test HAS NOT been scored as of this week. Now I see how I will act when I actually get the results.

    Just a Friday funny to laugh

    Best of luck again to all......maybe next
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    That's not cool... I didn't get any notifications... What a load... I like how they only send some things to certain people... As I though before I think next week is the time frame for results to be released. Just another week in the books and more waiting... Need these results either way because it is holding me up from requesting any additional vouchers through the Navy COOL Office... Have a good one!

    Additionally: Just for situational awareness... When my buddy got his results on Sep 22, 2011 the subject of his e-mail said this " (ISC)2 Information ISC2:12345678 " those weren't his numbers but it was 8 numbers just like all the e-mail they send out.
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    Not cool .......... I didn't get any e-mails either!
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    I'm still waiting for the same exam , I think this time it was harder for me (2nd time)... I dont know honestly , 1st try I didnt have time to study due to tasks overload and sickness a week before it and I ended up being sooooooo close ( 671 )but This time I've covered most of the modules and yet ... I'm not sure that I'll pass lol...

    oh well , I'm covering the modules shared between CISSP and ISSMP and based on the results its one of the other icon_lol.gif

    GL all icon_cheers.gif
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    Good luck to us all. Honestly writing on here and sharing with everying and listening to other has somewhat helped me calm down and only check my emal 10 times a
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    Until you read the post about the guy who got his results on a Sunday! LoL! Well until the results post here's to waiting!
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    I took my exam December 10th in Charlotte and received my results e-mail on Friday (1/6) at 4:23 p.m. (passed). So you should only be a week or less away from getting your results.

    Good luck.
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    Hi all,

    I took mine December 11th in (Baltimore) Hanover and none in my group that I know have received their results yet...Since refreshing my email frantically...
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    Congrats to you and thanks.
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    It is my honest opinion that results will be out this week for myself and the others who took the exam on DEC 17th. Less than 5 days to go... Looking forward to the results. Happy Monday everyone and good luck and happy e-mail refreshing!
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    ZekeCISSP wrote: »
    I took my exam December 10th in Charlotte and received my results e-mail on Friday (1/6) at 4:23 p.m. (passed).
    Congratulation on passing the CISSP exam! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats on the pass.

    Thanks for the update it helps......
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    Everyone appears to be quite today? 14 more minutes till (ISC)2 closes for the day? Anyone else feeling anxious?
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