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I am currently studying for this exam. Anyone studied from the Microsoft Security + book. Personally I dislike M$ Press books, but I happen to come by this book for FREE. Any thoughts on this book. Or if you would like to recommend some books that you used, feel free.

I also have the "All in One" Security + Book. By standards, I know that this book is better than M$ Security + book. But just curious about the M$ Security + book.
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    I did not use the Microsoft Press book for, I can not comment on it. But, I didn't even use Microsoft Press books when studying for Microsoft exams. .....But, if it was free, you can't beat that. You should be good, since you have two books. The key to most of these exams is using multiple sources when studying....You can also look at the Technotes here. I know those are good. icon_wink.gif

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    Took the test 5/10 failed with a 748
    Took the test 5/12 passed with a 796

    I enrolled in a security class that used the Microsoft book. It was o.k. but definately should not be your only resource. I loosely studied for about 2 1/2 months with only the microsoft book and just two weeks ago I starting using the Exam Cram2 book it was alot more helpful. Last week found this site and the tips on here are great. Also found a SY0-101 book by Todd King online today, it is also a great book, best one I read. Wish I had this site and the latter two books two months ago. I also used practice questions from Self Test Software. They were pretty good helped me answer about half of the test questions with no problem. i really spent the last two weeks studing 4 hours during the week and 8 hours on the weekend.
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    The MS Press book does not cover all of the exam objectives, but it does however seem to cover those it does do fairly well. The practice questions are also very much like the real ones from what I can see. Couple that with Tcats pdf and CBT nuggets and you should be on the right track.
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    Thanks for all of the responses. I knew of a guy who spent almost $700 in retakes to pass this exam. And I know that this is CompTia's hardest exam! So I want to be sure of what resources to use. Since my current job is not specifically Security focused I feel that this test will be a challanging one. All of my current certifications is are technologies I deal with everyday. But Security is going to be something brand new, so I am going to need to study.
    "The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: be satisfied with your opinions and
    content with your knowledge. " Elbert Hubbard (1856 - 1915)
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