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I am deliberating whether I should take this exam , ms security exam or do messenging as my specialty for msca/msce. I havent took any Comptia exam so I dont know the format and level of difficulty.

Anyone care to share their experiences?
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    a breeze compared with mcps...but one of the difficult ones in terms of the exam which comptia set. Security+ just gives you a overview of security techniques without getting too much into detail !

    MCQs with majority one word answers.
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    Personally I found this exam very difficult because the questions and answers are poorly written. I also found many factual errors (that I understand have been corrected) and found that many of the answers were based on opinion (or best guess/fit) rather than fact and having 1 correct answer. MCP exams I find to be fairly easy if you are able to follow the Microsoft way of thinking.
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    I found the security+ exam quite simple. But it depends on what areas you are interested in I guess. I used transcenders for practice questions.

    Just make sure you go over the objectives and read the questions carefully and you'll be fine. I personally did'nt have any strange questions but have heard that some people did.



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    The people that I know that had problems with the exam, had quite a bit of experience with security. They tried to over-think the exam. It is an entry level exam.....and you have to remember that.

    As for comparing it to the MCP exams, I felt that it was harder than most of them...except for maybe 214.

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    This is very good information as I have thought about obtaining this certification just so I can have annother security cert behind my name. I too was wondering how this cert would compare to the +Security for the MCSE that I already have. Maybe I'll get it down the line sometime.
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