Where to go from here?

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I just passed both my comptia a+ exams today. I did this very first after reading up here and on other sites that it was good for me. I have no professional IT experience so this will help. Also a lot of the jobs I have been applying for lately require it. Anyway.

My point is this currently I am unemployed but seeking. I now hold an A+ cert and looking to start off in a help desk sort of thing.

My main question is this.

Because I dont know where I want to end up yet what would be some good certain to get that would help me down the road?

I really don't know if I want to go into networking or servers or security. I kinda want to get my feet wet first and decide from there what I want to move towards.

I the mean time. While I am job hunting and such what would be good certain to get that

A. Look good on a resume for someone starting out in IT
B. would help me down the road

I appreciate the help. Especially back when I was studying for the A+. Thanks in advanced



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    Sorry about the typos. I did this on my phone and it autocorrected some things. Certain should be cert as well as the first very should be cert.

    Sorry about that!
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    I got the Network+ after the A+ and I feel like it was a good move, you could also go with the entry level cisco cert, or the security+. I think any of those would be good next steps for you. Congratz on the A+. icon_cheers.gif
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    Sec+ would be a good choice. Net+ or CCENT would be the other.
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    I would go with N+ (CCENT would also be good). It will give you a solid base to later on move to more advanced networking, servers or security. Once you get N+ go with Sec+ to explore that area. A Microsoft exam on servers (70-640 or 642) will complete the picture so you can have a glimpse into all the things you mentioned.
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    I would go Net+ then the Windows 7 "680" cert. Those three would open a few doors and by the time you get done with them you should have an idea of what direction in IT you want to go.
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    I went with the Comptia trifecta A+ -> N+ -> Sec+ and along the way got my first IT job. Those three (generally) give you a nice view of the IT landscape and can clue you in on the topic or topics that interest you most. After that, you should have an idea of the direction you'd want to go and can plan accordingly. Of course, participating actively on this site also helps. Sometimes your peers have awesome insight. :)
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    Well, after doing a little research and consulting with some local people i know i think i will go for the network+ next.

    On that note i have to ask one last quick question.

    For the A+ exam i used the Mike Meyers All-in-one Comptia A+ cert book "http://www.totalsem.com/store/product/AC/1381619.php" and some of the free messer videos.

    I really enjoyed his book and was hoping to get another one of his for the next cert i go for. He does have a Network+ book and i am definitely going to buy it but my question is.

    Last time i bought the 2009 edition, which was the latest at the time. This time around for the network+, if i buy the 2009 edition, will it be outdated by the time i test?

    The exam i took yesterday had many questions about windows 7, which wasn't covered too much in the book because it wasn't on the 2009 exams, but i guess they were updated recently for windows 7? Wasn't much a problem since most of the questions about windows 7 were simple and since, on a daily basis, i use and work with windows 7 computers it was a snap.

    But with the network+ would it be up to date?

    If not, i would totally be fine with purchasing a different book to study from but on that note, what would you guys recommend? What would be the most up to date?

    Again thank you all for the help. I really appreciate it.
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    N+ Server + then Security +? I think that is a pretty logical route IMHO.
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    I would do the CCENT over the N+...its pretty much the same info but the Cisco cert holds a little more water and gets your feet wet with IOS and some routing protocols. Ether way your on the right track, keep plugging awayicon_thumright.gif
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    VAHokie56 wrote: »
    I would do the CCENT over the N+...its pretty much the same info but the Cisco cert holds a little more water and gets your feet wet with IOS and some routing protocols. Ether way your on the right track, keep plugging awayicon_thumright.gif

    Agreed. I would either start on the MS 70-680 (Windows 7) or the CCENT (Cisco.) I personally believe that the Network+ is a waste of money now that it has an expiration date.
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    A+ is an excellent start. I would recommend Net+ next. I agree there is some overlap with CCENT, having actually studied for and taken both exams. However, Net+ will provide a broader base of knowledge than CCENT will. CompTIA is vendor neutral as much as it can be. Cisco is Cisco. You will be exposed to some Cisco in the Net+ as well. Follow that with Sec+ and a Windows desktop OS (70-680) most likely and you should be able to get your foot in the door somewhere.
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