Passed the SY0-301 today!

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Hello all -

I took and passed the Security+ (SY0-301) today. This was the first exam I was not nervous at all for. Probably because I had taken the Network + last year so I had an understanding somewhat of the difficulty level. Plus I felt fully prepared.

For this exam I used Darril Gibson's CompTIA-Security-Certified-Ahead-SY0-301 book and the Professor Messer videos. Both of which I strongly recommend. I am passing the book on to co-workers so they too can use it.

Up next is the SSCP and SMFE (SecurityTube Metasploit Framework Expert Certification). I figured the SSCP would be mostly reading (and watching the CBTNuggets videos) and the SMFE would be mostly hands on. That way I could swing doing both at the same time. For the SSCP I again picked up Darril's book (thank you Darril).

No rest for the weary, time to start studying.

Always studying for something!


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