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I have a decision to make and wondered what the communities take on it is; bowing.gif

My CCNA/CCNA:Security is due to expire in a few months, now I do not work with Cisco kit in any sense, the network in my current company is Juniper although I still wouldn't work with it as I am not a Network Engineer, however I do work alongside Network Engineers and interact regularly and review designs etc....

My role is becoming more design and security centric so have to understand networking to a good degree.. So..

My question is;

Is it worth renewing my CCNA?

The focus in my career is security; for the immediate future, that is infrastructure security, vulnerability assessments and designing solutions to mitigate risks in relation to ISO27001; eventually with a look to move in to Managerial Security.

I know there is no major value in holding the CCNA/CCNA:Security certification as it is primarily a technical cert for managing Cisco equipment.

The Network Engineers have recommended that if I do decide to renew I should look at the CCDA as a renewal path as it is more relevant as it is fairly open knowledge to be applied to any vendor

The main reason I want to renew is I put considerable effort (6 months) in to my original certification (score 959) but is it worth the time and cost to maintain it on my CV from a security point of view that could be potentially be used elsewhere? icon_study.gif

Thoughts? icon_scratch.gif

Thanks in advance
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    I'm moving this thread to the CCNA:Security sub-forum where it will get more play.
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    I just recently took a position as a Security Engineer and that's the reason why I went after the CCNA:Security certification. It's true that CCDA will probably hold more weight experience-wise, as understanding the network topology and what's involved in creating an effective Cisco topology falls in the CCDA realm (my counterparts at other sites have said as much), but the CCNA:Security (at least in my case) got more recognition during my interview. That being said, if you don't have any pressing certification pursuits and have enough time before your CCNA expires to study for the CCDA, then I'd say go for it! That way, you'd have the CCDA, renew your CCNA's, and have three years to forget about Cisco. icon_lol.gif
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    If your focus is on security as the next step in your career evolution, I would suggest looking at CISSP.

    Best of luck to you. Its always exciting to start something new.
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    I would go for the CCDA. That said, I've read that the CCDA requires some CCNP knowledge. Maybe look over the scope of the exam or the TOC of a certification guide and see if it is something you can pull off in the time frame you have available. Otherwise, renewing the CCNA:S will just be a refresher and a lateral move IMHO.
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    Have you considered CCNP Security (formerly known as CCSP)?
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    Thanks for all the feedback been meaning to check the thread and respond

    spicy ahi, I have nothing pressing and have until end of June to renew CCNA/CCNA:Security, if I decide to I am planning to start April 2nd so can dedicate 10-12 weeks to passing the exam.

    CISSP is definitely on my roadmap but gathering a little more experience first

    I have read that a CCNP Switching level is also a good prerequisite for CCDA but will review Exam Topics before making a final decision

    I think not being an engineer the CCNP Security (CCSP) is probably above where I need to be especially as I won’t be utilising the skills

    Given myself until mid-March to make a decision, hoping most of my CCNA knowledge is still in there buried under everything else :)

    Thanks again
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    Hai All...
    am currently working as a Network Engineer and want to take up my carreer as a Network Security confused whether to move on to do ENSA of Ecouncil or go on for CCNA Sec Certification.
    and if u suggest for CCNA Sec then is it gud that 1st complete CCNP( R & S) then go for CCNA Sec or shall i Straight away go for CCNA Sec
    Please help...
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