You've all done it - I'm about to try!

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Hi all,

I am taking both A+ exams on Wednesday of next week. I am both excited and nervous (excited at the thought of passing and nervous at the thought of failing!). I just wanted to say, I have spent a good hour or two browsing the posts in this forum, and have found most to be quite useful. I have also, of course, found some terrifying when people who have failed the exams have detailed some of the horrifics they went through in the exams!

In some ways I feel I am as well prepared as I can be, as I have studied hard and ripped many an old PC to bits, swapped components over, reinstalled Windows, upgraded Windows etc etc. I guess what I have learnt from looking at posts on this site is that you can never be too careful!

With that in mind, I have Sat & Sun to do the last refreshers and a few practice exams, and I have the day before just to look over notes and hopefully ensure all relevant knowledge is tucked away somewhere in the back of my mind! Oh, but how I know some awkward bugger of a question is going to throw me!

I have found the practice exams to be quite useful - particulalry because of the trick questions, and the ambigious nature of some questions. I guess this is because sometimes in the "real world" simple things trick you and catch you out - as I just found out when attempting to set up a dual boot ME & 2000!

Anyway, I hope that I can come back on Wednesday and say I passed, I passed, I passed!

Thanks for your help



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